G2 provides a wide range of security-focused consulting services to our clients, ranging from limited engagements, such as operational risk assessment for a small industrial facility, to multi-year advisory roles in which G2 acts as a client’s security advisor.

Drawing on our team’s unparalled depth of experience in physical and electronic security apparatus, G2 specializes in the assessment and mitigation of security challenges presented by particular physical spaces and structures. Uniquely, G2’s team possesses the operational expertise to place spaces and structures into the context in which they are utilized by their occupants on a day-to-day basis, and on a stressed, emergency basis.

It is the particular characteristics of that nexus between physical space and human utilization, or exploitation, of that space that drives the formulation of a cogent and professional facility security review. As such, the G2 consulting process is structured to elucidate the essential characteristics of that nexus at the beginning of any engagement. This intensive data gathering process typically includes:

  • On-Site Review and Assessment
  • Design & Construction Document Review
  • Client Operational Process Review
  • Regulatory Review
  • Contingency & Emergency Protocol Review
  • Public Services Capabilities Review
  • Internal & External Threat Assesment

Having thus identified the defining characteristics of the security nexus, G2 is able to leverage its technical and process expertise to aid clients in the mitigation of identified physical security threats. Depending upon a client’s security goals and resources, G2 is capable of supplying services such as:

  • Security Protocol Development
  • Electronic Security Platform Specification Services
  • Security Apparatus Procurement
  • Security Staffing Assistence
  • Architectural Design Services
  • Security Engineering Services
  • Staff Training Services
  • Ongoing Threat & Risk Assessment Services

G2 does not provide IT and network security consulting services.