The System Controller is the centerpiece of the PTMS™ solution.  Combining advanced detection protocols with easy implementation (Drop-in-Deployment™ and extensive network integration capabilities) and a manufacturing process never before seen in the industry, the System Controller is the most powerful perimeter protection device available today.

-Reliable Detection

The System Controller works in conjunction with the Anti-Personnel Barrier (APB) and Central Control System (CCS) to provide extremely efficient detection of unauthorized attempts to breach the perimeter.  Utilizing advanced circuitry and leading-edge multiphasic technology, the PTMS™ System Controller produces the lowest FAR (False Alarm Rate) and NAR (Nuisance Alarm Rate) in the industry.

What This Means to You

A low FAR/NAR rate will save owners tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the system by reducing the security staff needed to respond to false and nuisance alarms.  It also ensures security staff will respond with authority to all alarms, as their sense of urgency will not be reduced due to the occurrence of regular false and nuisance alarms.


PTMS™ System Controllers are manufactured in a modern UL508A certified facility (UL file number: E11030).  They are assembled with purpose matched high-end components, programmed for the project they are destined for, and undergo comprehensive function testing and certification prior to shipment to their final destination.  When the System Controller(s) arrive on site, they are simply mounted, connected with electrical power, and connected to the APB (Anti-Personnel Barrier).  No field configuration is required.

What This Means to You

Most other security products need to be assembled into a system of unmatched components on site during installation.  Once assembled, a systems integrator typically needs to be hired to program the various components so that they will all work together.  PTMS™ has been designed to work as a system, and is fully function tested before it arrives at a site.  This translates to cost savings by making installation simple and efficient, and avoids the issues inherent with on-site integration and programming.

-Comprehensive Standard Feature Set

                        PTMS™ System Controllers come standard

                        with the following features:

· IP66 rated enclosures with integral sunshields

· Electronic components rated from -30°C to +65°C

· Accepts electrical power at 24VDC, 120VAC, or 240VAC

· Integral fiber optic and RJ-45 ports for connection to your network

· Uninterruptible Power Supplies

· Surge Protection

· And more!

What This Means to You

With PTMS™ , G2 has used its decades of experience in perimeter security design to provide many features that we know to be essential to delivering a quality security solution.  While other manufacturers may consider these features to be “options”, G2 doesn’t want you to have to compromise on the safety and security of your personnel and assets.  All PTMS™ System Controllers contain these features as part of its standard solution.

-Built to the Highest International Standards

The PTMS™ System Controller is Canadian Standards Association listed (CSA-22.2, CSA60335-2-76) and International Electrotechnical Commission listed. (IEC 60335-2-76, IEC60384-14, IEC60950-1)

What This Means to You

Many security systems manufacturers claim that their products comply with national and international standards.  G2 believes that your safety and that of your assets is simply too important to just take their word for it.  That’s why G2’s PTMS™ components and system are tested and certified by the world’s most trusted third-party standards and testing bodies.  As a result, owners can be certain that G2 is delivering what has been promised every time.