The Central Control System (CCS) is the command and control interface of the PTMS™.  It takes the best elements of industrial Human-Machine Interfaces and combines them into one simple, easy to use package.

-Alarm Reporting Customized for Each Facility

The CCS provides alarm mapping customized for each particular client.  An overhead map of the facility displays the precise location of intrusion attempts, allowing easy and efficient response.  In addition to displaying alarms locally, the Central Control System can facilitate e-mail and SMS alerts, as well as control any extender modules automatically in the event of alarm.

What This Means to You

A customized reporting system such as the Central Control System facilitates easy operation and eliminates operator confusion.  As a result, the training required to operate the CCS is minimal.   This allows owners to save time and money in the hiring and training process, while maintaining confidence that the system is being used properly.  E-mail and SMS alerts to whomever the owner deems fit provides further peace-of-mind that any intrusion attempts are dealt with immediately.

-System Status Monitoring

The CCS continuously monitors and displays various supervisory status updates regarding the operating condition of the PTMS™.  Mains power failures, low batteries, communication failures, and enclosure tamper alarms are just a few examples of the status checks constantly being run by the CCS.

What This Means to You

The CCS essentially performs a facility maintenance staff’s job for them, saving significantly on cost.  Maintenance staff do not need to spend hours troubleshooting the PTMS™, and can instead use that time performing other tasks.   Knowing exactly when and where maintenance is required is key to having confidence in the performance of a perimeter system.

-Event Logging

All alarms and supervisory status changes reported by the CCS are logged in a time and date stamped database.  They may then be exported to PDF, Microsoft Excel®, Crystal Reports®, and other types of files with the click of a button.

What This Means to You

The event logging provided by the CCS gives owners the ability to effectively audit the performance of their staff, as well as the performance of the PTMS™. 


-Comprehensive Control Capability

The CCS is not only designed to control the three core PTMS™modules.  It also handles all of the PTMS™extender modules, as well as interfacing seamlessly with any existing systems that may be in use at a particular facility.  These include Physical Security Information Systems (PSIM), Video Management Systems (VMS), and access control platforms among many others.

What This Means to You

The CCS enables owners to have one command and control interface for all of their systems. 3 The benefits to this are many: reduced training time, reduced staff, reduced maintenance time, and reduced cost.