The goal of any effective security solution is to detect and then delay an intruder from breaching the perimeter.  A physical barrier provides the delay necessary to respond following detection.  It should be robust, difficult to penetrate, and easy to maintain.  The PTMS™Anti-Personnel Barrier (APB) was designed with all of these factors in mind.

-Difficult to Penetrate

The APB utilizes Anti-Leverage Technology and Anti-Climb Protection to make it exceedingly difficult to climb.  If a client’s application requires it, the APB can be configured to deliver an electrical deterrent to further prevent attempts to penetrate the perimeter.

What This Means to You

A difficult to penetrate barrier allows emergency response plenty of time to diffuse an event at the perimeter.  The APB ensures intruders stay where they belong: off the owner’s property.


The APB is constructed using advanced space-age alloys and polymer compounds.  All components comply with ASTM-1083, giving the APB a useful life of 15-20 years – three times the industry average.

What This Means to You

A robust, well-made barrier gives owners confidence that it is in good condition and able to perform its function at any time.  Owners can be confident their investment will last for many years.

-Easy to Maintain

The APB is constructed using a simple design that requires no regular maintenance.  Auto tension devices ensure the wire array maintains its integrity through any kind of weather.  The mean time to repair most issues is 10 minutes, and no special tools are required.

What This Means to You

The APB is virtually self-maintaining, which allows facility maintenance staff to focus on other tasks, saving time and money.  Owners can be secure in the knowledge that their barrier is always in optimal condition and ready to perform its function if called upon.

-Terrain Adaptive Design

A wide range of specialized mounting hardware allows the APB to be mounted to any existing barrier (wall, fence, etc.).  The APB can be installed in in any terrain or climate.

What This Means to You

Many perimeter systems can only be installed under specific conditions.  The modular, adaptive design of the APB allows it be installed anywhere you require it.  This allows G2’s clients to standardize their perimeter systems over multiple locations.