Until now, there has been no product that is capable of stopping multiple forms of attack on a perimeter. PTMS™ accomplishes this feat with a single, standalone platform. Whether the threat be personnel or vehicular based, PTMS™ reacts actively to keep your facility safe.



PTMS™ is a manufactured product that consists of the three core modules essential to perimeter security:

• PTMS™ Anti-Personnel Barrier (APB)

• PTMS™ System Controller

• PTMS™ Central Control System (CCS)

Depending on the needs of the client, PTMS™ can include the following extender modules, all within a single engineered and expandable platform:

• Anti-Vehicle Barriers/Fences

• Video Verification/Object Tracking

• Redundant Security Network

• Perimeter Watch Tour

• Access Control

• Solar Power

• PSIM Interface (Physical Security Information Management)

• VMS Interface (Video Management System)



• Ability to stop all forms of attack, personnel or vehicular based, on a perimeter with one platform and interface

• Industry's lowest False Alarm (FAR) and Nuisance Alarm (NAR) rates

• Robust physical barrier combined with reliable detection and an easy to use control interface: the most essential elements of perimeter security

• Long term cost savings due to ease of use and maintenance, along with the excellent operational efficiency provided by a standalone, non-integrated platform

• No complex integration required: all PTMS™ modules are designed to work together seamlessly

• All modules manufactured and tested as a single system in G2’s UL508 certified manufacturing facility (UL file number: E113030) prior to shipment


PTMS™ has been deployed at hundreds of high security facilities worldwide. Major Governments and Corporations in the petrochemical, corrections, transportation and national defense sectors depend on PTMS™ to protect their most critical assets. Contact your regional office for more information on how you can join the PTMS™ family and keep your facility secure.