In keeping with the sensitive nature of the firm’s services, G2 Security LLC is completely committed to the privacy of its affiliates and clients.

As such, G2 Security LLC does not publish or disclose in any manner the identities of its clients or any other information generated during an engagement with any of its clients.

If the disclosure of client information is necessary to accomplish the objectives of a particular engagement, it is only disclosed to G2 Security LLC affiliates that are bound by strict confidentiality convenants. G2 Security LLC expressly prohibits its affiliates from utilizing client information for marketing, sales, or any other purpose beyond the scope of the original engagement.

G2 Security, LLC does not utilize whitepapers, case studies, or any other marketing materials that contain confidential client information.

Even when presented with publically available information, G2 Security LLC’s policy is to make no comment to outside sources or media representatives regarding its clients, project, or other operating activities of the firm.

Discretion is one of the greatest services G2 Security LLC provides its clients and is a duty that the firm takes extremely seriously.