G2 Security, LLC is a specialized security design, consulting & project development firm providing enterprise class security services to justice, healthcare, petrochemical, and defense clients worldwide.

The firm approaches every client and every project from a holistic, customer-centric perspective. Our dedication to the exploration of multiple viewpoints and prospective security solutions, combined with our team’s unparalled systems expertise, allows us to serve as a client’s advocate and representative across a wide breadth of project type, size, and scope.

The single greatest service G2 supplies to its clients is the firm’s dedication to the enumeration and memorialization of each client’s particular security needs and requirements. Building upon this solid foundation – the creation of which is the first phase of any client engagement with G2 – the firm is uniquely positioned to:

  • Assure that our customers succeed in solving their security issues;
  • Provide highly effective and reliable design solutions that yield the best value for our clients;
  • Continually raise the bar against which our own performance and value-delivered is measured.

Where client engagements extend beyond security design or operational consultancy and require the development of a complete security project as a turnkey package, G2 is fully equipped to undertake the complete development of a client project from a physical and electronic security perspective. In such instances, G2 submits all of its proposed security solutions and sub-solutions to a “fit-for-use” analysis prior to deployment. Critical attributes that must be present in any solution presented to the firm’s clients include:

  • Open architecture wherever possible
  • Redundancy in all critical systems
  • Flexible, robust, and secure communications networks
  • Use of operationally proven products, technologies, and techniques
  • Ease of use, routine maintenance, and repair

The rigorous and unyielding application of the this unique point of view permeates and shapes both the firm’s relationships with its clients and its deliverables to those clients. Our clients’ appreciation of the firm’s consistently high quality work-product leads to positive and long-lasting relationships that generally span many projects and many years. Likewise, the firm’s equally constant focus on our clients’ particular needs and requirements merely reinforces and extends the types and quality of services we are able to provide them, for as our knowledge of a client grows, so too does the arena in which our unique expertise can be deployed in the service of that client.